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You are going to love these diapers, and your baby will love them even more!

Goodmama diapers are famous for their original one-size fit, the amazing selection of prints and fabrics, the quality of the products, and the fun culture of the goodmama customers. You will not only find beautiful diapers here, but new friends as well. 

The goodmama one-size diaper fits babies approximately 10-35+ pounds.  The goodmama newborn diaper fits babies from approximately 5-12 pounds.

Fitted diapers require covers to be waterproof. However many goodmamas let their babies go coverless around the house and change baby as soon as outer of diaper starts to become damp. Great for breathability, skin health and cuteness!  

ONEs are all-in-ones and do not require covers. They contain a layer of PUL in the shell which makes the diaper waterproof.  If you have a heavy wetter, or are using for long periods of time, consider adding more absorbency. ONEs are great for babysitters, daycare or daddies, and are available in a huge selection of fabrics and colors.

Goodmama diapers are made in limited runs by US employees paid fair wages, and are known for their quality, their collectibility and their cuteness. Your baby will love the comfort, you'll love supporting a family business, putting the best on your baby, and having the cutest diapers around.

Treat yourself. Treat your baby! Be a good mama! 

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