We have a new cart!!


  • Will I have to create a new account?
  • Probably. If you had an unshipped order, we had to create a placeholder account for you. It will use the email address that you had on the old cart, but your password will be different.


  • How will I know if my user account moved to the new cart?
  • The easiest way is to just try logging in, and request your password. If there is no account, you will receive an error. If there is an account, you'll get a password recovery email.


  • ...I have an account on the new cart, but I can't access the email that I use to login.
  • Contact customer service.


  • I need my gift certificate balance transferred to the new cart.
  • Once you have created your account, contact customer service. Please be sure to provide the email address on the old account, as well as the new account if it is different.


  • What about my order history?
  • Order history was not transferrable. For a short period of time, if you really, really, really need your order history, you can email us and we'll see what we can do to help out. Please note that this is extremely time consuming and labor intensive, and we would rather be making your stuff... so please be sure you absolutely need it first. We are more than happy to help, but again, making stuff = top priority.


  • Where are all the items? I wanted to buy [insert item(s) here] and now they're gone!
  • We are adding in items daily. If you know of something specifically that you are waiting for, contact us and let us know!


  • Does this affect the designer cart or my customer ID?
  • For designer purposes, nothing has changed at this time. Your customer ID will be different on this cart, but your designers ID is the same as you've been using.


  • I have questions not listed here.
  • Contact customer service :-)